Hiott Forestry Consultants, Inc. is located in the Piedmont of South Carolina about thirty miles south of Charlotte, NC. We offer timberland services for the private landowner in the central region of North Carolina and South Carolina.

Hiott Forestry Consultants, Inc., opened for business in July of 2000. Prior work experience was twenty-one years with the forest industry in all aspects of forestry.

The goal of our company is to provide full service forestry needs for the private landowner. Meeting the goals and objectives of our clients is of the utmost importance and this service is provided in a professional and confidential manner.

We believe that our clients' objectives can be met and, at the same time, provide a well rounded balance between economic returns, wildlife, aesthetics, recreation, and protecting and enhancing environmental quality. All our services provided are in full compliance with federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations. We operate in compliance with the best management practices (BMPs) for forestry.

John A. Hiott
All services priced competitively.
Member, Society of American Foresters.
Master of Forestry, The Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University.

Registered Forester
Alabama # 1697, North Carolina #1395, South Carolina # 908
ISA Certified Arborist